3 simple tips to improve your ad campaigns health πŸ₯¦πŸ₯‘πŸ₯¬

You could write an encyclopedia on all the things you can do to have better ad campaigns, but these 3 tips could easily make it into the top ones:

Capture your audience – have you noticed that many Instagram Influencers and YouTubers, when they are selling or promoting something, always seem to be very excited (sometimes too much)? Just in case, for the avoidance of doubt, if it is not clear with their tone of voice and body language, they say it openly ‘super happy to show you X’, ‘very motivated to tell you about Y’, β€˜excited to share with you Z ‘…. etc. This is no coincidence as enthusiasm and passion are contagious. Your product or service may be the best in the world, but if you look boring and without energy when promoting it, we assure you that you are going to lose many potential sales. Of course, it should not be overdone either as the audience will notice the exaggeration and that is not good for business.

Mobile First mindset – nothing new, right? We hear it more and more often and even think “understood already” So why do we put something so obvious in this article? Because of our experience of dealing with our customers, we are seeing that the many have not yet made the shift of mentality. The most common sins? Emails and creative not optimized for mobile. To combat these blunders, we recommend the following: every time we have created an email or an ad, view it on your mobile and not on your computer. Once we have visualized it, ask ourselves the following question – is everything optimized and looking good or could I have done something better? Showing our work in progress to a second person to receive some constructive criticism is always a good idea and it’s totally free!

Community mindset β€“ simple example: companies A and B have the same product and must reach 1 million people. The difference? Company A has no community and Company B has a community of 1 million people. Who is going to spend less on ads? Of course, to company B! They may have to spend zero ad budget while company A is going to have to spend a small fortune to achieve the same impact. That’s the strength of the community. The profit margin with Up-Sells and Cross-Sells skyrockets because the percentage that has to be spent on advertising decreases dramatically.

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About our Managing Director, Patrick Wind Forbes30u30

Austrian expert in Facebook and Instagram ads with 8 years of experience and more than € 3,000,000 of advertising investment. Professor at TOP Universities in Barcelona such as La Salle, IESE, ESADE, EU & Toulouse Business School and at WU Vienna.

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